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Special Church Announcement

To all members of the Lawrence and Marder Street Church of Christ and guests.  Know that the leadership of our Church is committed to the preaching of the gospel and spiritual health of our members.  Due to the “Shelter in Place Order” issued by Dallas County our services will held via audio/video conference tomorrow.  Services will begin at 10:30am. We encourage you to call in a few minutes early and participate in our service by dialing: (347) 671-7967 and enter pin# 270609407. You can also join the same call by video on your computer or smart phone by clicking here: When you enter the audio/video conference your phone/computer microphone will be automatically muted by the administrator.  At the completion of the message, “the invitation” will be extended.  Please send your responses (prayer request, confession of sin, baptism, etc) by text message to (972) 834-9386. Baptisms can be coordinated by calling the above number. The communion portion of our service will require you to provide your own juice and crackers, if you do not have access to juice and crackers - communion packets will be available for pick up Saturday from 11-2pm and Sunday from 9:30 -2 pm at the church building.  You can also leave your offering at that time or give by Cash App: ($Marder26). These are trying times, but our faith in Christ will see us through.  Please find the order of worship below.

Order of Worship Service

Call to Worship (reading): Reginal Osborne
Prayer: James Childers
Brian Williams
Scripture Reading: Randy Strickland
Prayer: Eddie Northern
Song: Brian Williams
Sermon: Ramon Hodridge
Song: Brian Williams
Responses: George Robinson (Please text confessions, prayer
request, baptism requests to Bro Robinson
at (972-834-9386)
Offering: Mac Fulbright
Communion: Gary Walker
Brian Williams
Announcements: Mac Fulbright
Prayer: Michael Johnson

God Bless,
Lawrence & Marder Street Church of Christ

 "Where Building Christian Lives is of Essence"

Christians at the Lawrence and Marder Church of Christ plead for all to live by the religious practices and teachings of the New Testament. It is our desire to restore in the 21st century the original Christian church of the 1st century. It is our prayer that you may understand and obey the will of God so that you can spend eternity in Heaven. We acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

The New Testament is our only rule of faith and practice. You cannot enter Heaven unless you do God's will (Matthew 7:21). If you love the Lord you will keep His commandments (John 14:15). Jesus is the source of eternal salvation to all who obey Him (Hebrews 5:9). We must obey from the heart the form (pattern) of doctrine which the Bible delivers (Romans 6:17).

The Gospel is the Good News that Jesus died to pay the penalty for sin (spiritual death), was buried and raised, never to die again (I Corinthians 15:1-4). He ascended to heaven and sit on His throne at the right hand of the Father and received from Him the Holy Spirit and poured out the Spirit on Pentecost day to establish His spiritual kingdom (the Church) on the earth (Acts 2:33).

We obey that pattern of death, burial, and resurrection when we put to death our sinful nature (the flesh) on the cross by being buried in water for the remission of sin,
raised to walk a new life as spiritually born again christians that are Spirit indwelt, joined, filled, and led members of His Church. (Romans 6:4).

    Our church is located near
    the intersection of Hatcher St
    and Elsie Faye Higgins at 2600
    Lawrence St.

    Map and Location

    Sunday Bible Study:  9:00a
    Sunday Worship: 10:30a
    Wed Bible Study: 7:00p
    Tues Bible Study: 10:00a

    Worship Times

    Lawrence and Marder is a
    gathering of believers in
    South Dallas celebrating
    Jesus' life & teachings.

    What We Believe

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